Sunday, 21 September 2014

Grumpy pony, beautiful day

Today was beautiful, the sun shone, it wasn't hot or windy, it all should have been beautiful like this post ride photo:
But it wasn't because the pony was GRUMPY pony today. I saddled her up and rode her in the arena and it was a struggle ( but she did get the correct canter leads when I held up my end) so I gave up,swapped saddles and bits and went for a forrest ride.
That was better but there was still a lot of grunting, stopping, chewing me and her reins when I got off and walked a bit. The forrest was beautiful as usual, we saw kangaroos and a few dog walkers, she waded a creek without complaint.

Perhaps it is her gastrics ulcers back again, perhaps her feet are bothering her, perhaps it is because it is spring and she is a mare. 

Or, perhaps it is because I keep doing this to her:
Anti fungal mane wash and ten minutes soak, she HATES it. And the plaits and neck rug to stop the mane rubbing.
But sometimes, a fat round pony has to stop itching!
Sorry pony, it's for you own good.

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