Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cantering in the twilight.

That sounds a lot more romantic than it was. A nasty headache was my riding companion today and the only things that dragged me to ride the pony were, in no particular order
- I had to go and feed her anyway
- I wanted to see if the new bit works at home as well as at a lesson
- The spring grass is a growing, fat pony is getting fatter
- Thursdays are non-horse days
- the weather was perfect
- the spectre of the state all welsh show in five weeks.
We practiced trotting the shapes I asked, not just on the track the other horses go in, we did some reasonable canter on mostly the correct leads, I avoided the ever present over use of my inside rein. On the other had I was kicking her up far too much. Mostly because my jumping whip (nice and loud, not painful) was in the other car and I had to ride with my dressage whip which I don't like using. This pony is not a forward thinking person! Well, not under saddle anyway.

Miss A was remarkably settled, usually the twilight sees her spooking out the corners and becoming an  inside out pony. Best of all she wasn't grunting, groaning or pulling faces, I think her ulcers are improving, I wonder if it is a coincidence that she had her first probiotic dose last night.

We also played with long rein, nose on the dirt trot and turning from my posture only. I like playing this game with her because she can get so tense and lean into my hands and drop her back. After doing this she is always softer and more responsive. 

Happy post ride pony :) " What,  I wasn't trying to steal the pretty show horses breakfast" face.

She is becoming so shiny. I spent some extra time coat stripping tonight which she loves, put her plaits back in her mane and told her to behave until I see her again on Friday.

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