My day job sees me in a small animal vet practice with a great team and wonderful clients, I have a sweet husband, a slightly neurotic white dog and the best fluffy cat in the world. In the horse world 28 years riding and I can almost canter. That is the picture I have in my head, but the reality is I have tried many horse sports and not fallen off, I have a blast trail riding in the beautiful forrest the pony and I have access to and have just started learning to drive. 

I got excited about Welsh Cobs when I finished university and then in 2007 obtained my first, he was stunning and talented but it went fairly badly. Combine this with a horse related knee injury in 2010 and it looked like I was out of riding for good. Enter Miss A, the pony, and here we are three years later trying to be serious about one thing when it's much more fun to do everything. The result of doing everything is that I get disheartened easily and forget how far we have come. Enter the blog, I'm hoping it helps keep us on track.

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