Saturday, 4 October 2014

Novice on novice or lucky my pony is hard to freak out.

Photos to follow 

Due to a busy work week, bad weather and my dog passing away Aba has been biding her time since our lesson on Monday. She really needed a decent workout and my body wasn't cooperating so my Mum and I took her out for a forrest drive. 

She moved when we put her to, nothing awful just moving forward as I did up the traces which caused her breastplate to get uneven and made everything difficult. I need to get a hitching rail put in as we had her tied to the shed post and if she wants to move to the side and forward she can. It is also difficult as you are pushing the vehicle up a slight hill when you put her to. With some firm advice on what was wanted she settled down and stood still, crisis averted.

That aside we were having a great drive, my Mum was surprised at how forward she can be when she is in the mood. The sun was shining and all was well with the world....until the puddle of death. This puddle is wide ( no way round it) muddy ( pony says no way though it) and large ( no way over it either, says miss A). As a result we ended up with some dodging sideways, turning around and generally baulking. I got out, waded the ankle deep mud at the pony's head four times then got in and drove her through it. Ta da pony, you can go through it. My shoes will never be the same :( I figured out that I have been nervous to use my whip in these situations but actually she needs that encouragement and it helps keep her forward and straight. No one got hurt today, I learned something and the pony was overall unfazed. We will keep working on this as long as the water persists.

The drive home was fast and enjoyable with some lovely canter sections. I am so pleased that the pony will canter then come back to a trot, walk or halt without getting feisty. Mum drove some of the way too. Water seemed to be the theme of the day as my girl needed cooling out so had a wash down, had her mane shampooed and replaited and her coat stripped ( still working on that!). 

I met my parents new dog afterwards ( just two days and a new dog has arrived)  so all in a great day.

Be watching out for my posts over the next two days as I will be strapper for MW and her tandem at the state CDE champs. There won't be much on the Aba front but I hope to learn heaps and egg some good pics.

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