Sunday, 5 October 2014

2pointober, Spring Cleaning and Combined Driving State Champs

Today was a mixed bag. I started by trying to clean up my section of the feed shed the result was a hay explosion. Note to self: more small bales this season, having to resort to round bales creates too much mess.

I then rode the pudgy pony. She looks so odd in this photo because I am starting to train her mane to her wrong side as the all welsh state show is looming. This side of her neck is weird. She is also standing with legs to the four winds.

Please note the cross country saddle. Today I took my baseline for Vivacarlos' blog challenge "2pointober". Embarrassingly short at 2min26seconds. That isn't half a cross country course. The aim is to work on this over the month of October. There are prizes but given the competition is in the US I am really competing against myself.

We worked on the exercises from my last W.E. Lesson. Mainly inside bend with bigger requests and bigger releases and shoulder in into 8 (or 10 or 12?) m circles. We did a little bit of canter, 2 point canter is preferable to dressage canter! Also riding in 2 point seat on a trotting welsh cob is some sort of torture.

So very itchy....and liney. Go away winter coat.

All that by 12 pm.

I then visited my friends one week old Cleveland bay x warmblood colt foal. Oh my goodness, soo cute, he has the longest legs I have ever seen! She currently has a 17hh warmblood, a 16:3hh Irish draught horse and the dam of the foal, 16:3hh CB x WB. Too big for me.

My horsey escapades wound up with going the State Combined Driving Championships.

I was supposedly helping my friend who was competing with a tandem ( for those who ride not drive: one horse in front of the other). I don't think she needed much help. I did film her dressage test and tomorrow will help her cool her horses out at the check point between the Marathon and the Obstacles. I also learned that just like with singles you MUST disconnect the traces before the reins. Sorry MW!

Stay tuned for the excitement of the MO's tomorrow.


  1. Two point = torture... but good torture hopefully!

  2. I hear you on the two point plus cob trot thing - it is torture! Love your blog :)

    1. Hi, all bay cobs unite! Although yours are of better quality than mine I think there in a resemblance between Bridget and Miss A.

    2. They do look a lot alike, although I was thinking your girl is more true to type :)

  3. Is good torture an oxymoron?