Wednesday, 8 October 2014

When you realise you weren't watching. Plus updates from the last three days.

Today I finished my entry for the State All-Welsh show. I ended up entering two led classes, one ridden and two harness. I may be slightly batty, especially since the pony still looks like this:

Lines, half her winter coat still attached and a two inch section of no mane. At least it is trying to stay on the right hand side now. Please note, however, the fashionable white welsh show halter! We were practicing her led trot out. Oh dear, she got fit since I did this last, I can't keep up and she did some very shifty manoeuvres. I like to think of as Welsh high spirits. That part of the pony's brain can go back in the box please!

She looks slightly better in her tack:

Pretty ears for Mum. I think I need to buy a half pad or numnah, any thoughts?

We also had a great ride. Excellent response for ask and RELEASE for bend. She SIDE PASSED. We cantered on the correct leads. She halted without falling over. yay!

After our ride I was trimming her feet and pony was being BAD. I got MAD. I then narrowly avoided an unintended urine shower. Note to self: actually watch what the pony is doing and work out why. She tried to tell me she needed something, I wasn't listening. Sorry pony.

To recap recent days

Monday I went back to the CDE state champs. The weather was horrendous. Photos were limited

Phoenix, K and L.

Wind gusts of 87km/ hr were recorded, it was grey, windy,dusty and hot. Then it got cold.
The horses were amazing. So proud of Hew ( gorgeous 16hh welsh d), Phoenix (13:2 arabian pony with spings on her feet, I love her, meets all my childhood horse ideals :) Danny (the exuberant and talented fjord horse), rocky and drew ( welsh ponies, I was helping out with these two a bit, they were tandem and amazing) and any others I forgot, and their drivers. It was a challenging daw and win loose or eliminate they did their utmost. I survived the weather and learned stuff. Gotta get out there one day.

Tuesday I took Aba out for a drive at JC's. She was great. We kept up with Phoenix and did 8 km in thirty minutes and her ten min recovery heart rate was 48. The day was beautiful. Her dislike of the float has been overcome and all went well. My carriage has also been raise by PC, thanks a lot!

After tonight's ride and hour of coat stripping I m exhausted, my two point lasted only 37 sec today, I blame the dressage saddle....


  1. The show sounds exciting -- I can't wait to read more about your prep for it!!

    1. Thanks Tracy, the majority of the prep is remove hair from pony! My entry is in, camping booked etc. I'm counting the days.

  2. busy few days!! glad the horses are behaving themselves :)